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This output datatype may be used to send RSS news to your cellphone.

It requires cellphone internet access (about $5/month from your cellphone service provider) and a publicly accessible website (about $5+/month from your web-hosting provider).

Save your WAP configuration file using the output:method:ftp or output:method:localfile output methods. Use a filename with the file-extension of *.wml (example: mynews.wml)

kitchi WAP parameters:
parameter name description possible values comments
style   flat, storylinks, titleonly  
titlesize   small, medium, large  
descriptionsize   small, medium, large  
showtimes   true, false, [language]Last Updated...  
showlinks   true, false, [language]"More Info"  
maxitemsperinput   all, 5, 10  
maxKB     1, 2, 4, 6, ...

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