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kitchi can read and write RSS files -- the benefit of this is that the filtering done on reading RSS and the limiting of items done on writing RSS may help you clean the RSS feeds for your use on web-portals or personal news feeds. This cleans the RSS feeds of extraneous HTML to simplify your workflow.

kitchi RSS parameters:

parameter name description possible values comments
style   rss2  
maxitemsperinput   all, 5, 10, ...  
maxKB   none, 4, 6, 8, 32, ...  
channeltitle Title of your resulting RSS feed    
channeldescription Description of your resulting RSS feed    
channellink Link to your site   (optional)
channelcopyright     (optional)
channellanguage   en-us, ... (optional)
channelimageurl     (optional)
channelimagetitle     (optional)
channelimagelink     (optional)
encoding   iso-8859-1, UTF-8, ...  

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