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kitchi may be used to get RSS news headlines from the internet into this Java Led 3.1 web object.

Below is an example of the Java LED Sign. If you have proper configurations for viewing Java applets, then it will be visible.

This Java applet was made by Darrick Brown and Robert B. Denny.

Download: - the Java applet by Darrick Brown and Robert B. Denny

One of the outputs that kitchi can write out is a configuration file that this Java applet reads. You can set kitchi up to periodically download the current news and write-out/upload a new config file every hour or two. The Java applet can be configured to occasionally check for a new configuration file (set the "reloadafter" parameter below to some number - a larger number gives you a longer delay before it will look for a new configuration file).

Download the LED Java applet and install on your PC or webserver. Once you have practice getting it working, you can use kitchi to automate feeds to the applet.

An important parameter to the applet is "codebase". Some of the examples omit this parameter and might not work. You may view the source of this webpage you are reading for an example of some of the parameters that are sent to the Java LED applet in HTML.

Here are some notes about avoiding messages about "click to activate and use this control..."

Save your JavaLED configuration file using the output:method:ftp or output:method:localfile output methods. Use a filename with the file-extension of *.led (example: mynews.led)

kitchi JavaLED parameters:
parameter name description possible values comments
mode   ScrollLeft, ScrollRight  
titlelinks   true, false There will be a blue outline when this is turned on and links are available
color   red, ...  
showdescriptions   true, false  
showtimesupdated   true, false, [translation]Last Updated...  
speed   1 (fast), 2, 3, 4, 5 (slower), [time in ms (10...100+)]  
maxitemsperinput   all, 5, 10  
maxKB   none, 4, 6, 8, 32, ...  
reloadafter   none, 30, 60, ... If set to 0 or "none", then the same datastream will repeat within the applet without reloading; otherwise the applet will reload its configuration file after a given number of repetitions


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