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If you are working with a Betabrite Prism, you may need to install USB drivers from LED sign manufacturer CD -- Vista and Windows7 drivers are available from the manufacturer's website.

Sample Configuration Files (XML format; right-click, Save As):
3feed3color.kcx - 3 data feeds, each one set to a different color

Betabrite LED Sign Parameters:
parameter name description possible values comments
subtype   normal, ...  
file   one alpha-numeric character  
runlist   A, AB, ABC, BDCA, ...  
maxKB   4, 7, 16, 32, ... set to 14 or less for Betabrite Prism
lockfile   true, false  
mode   condensed, rotate, hold  
color   red, yellow, green, ( Prism only: #0000FF ), ...  
showdescriptions show story abstracts from RSS / input true, false  
showtimesupdated   true, false, [translation]Last Updated...  
speed   1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Betabrite Classic only
font   fivestandard, sevenstandard, ...  

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