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Sample Configuration Files (XML format; right-click, Save As):
3feed3color.kcx - 3 data feeds, each one set to a different color
NewsAndClock2.kcx - 2 Line example; top line is a scrolling news feed and bottom line is a clock; top line is limited to 1KB so that the clock is updated approximately every minute
TwoVariableExample.kcx - 2 Line example with system variables

Alpha LED Sign Parameters:
parameter name description possible values comments
subtype   normal, ...  
file   one alpha-numeric character  
runlist   A, AB, ABC, BDCA, ...  
maxKB   4, 7, 16, 32, ...  
lockfile   true, false  
mode   condensed, rotate, hold  
color   red, yellow, green, ...  
showdescriptions   true, false  
showtimesupdated   true, false, [translation]Last Updated...  
speed   1, 2, 3, 4, 5  
font   fivestandard, sevenstandard, ...  
position   top, middle, bottom Use "top" or "bottom" for two-line signs; use "middle" for very large fonts

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